Compliant Automation for the Cannabis Industry

We provide a compliant automated solution for your cannabis dispensary. With over a decade of knowledge working in the legal cannabis market and vast experience in the retail space, our solutions will give your dispensary a competitive edge.

ACE is the only completely automated cannabis vending kiosk on the market — and the first to compliantly package and dispense cannabis products from end to end.

A game-changing way for consumers to purchase cannabis, ACE simplifies the shopping experience. With a massive observation window and intuitive touchscreen interface, ACE engages shoppers in a cannabis shopping experience unlike any they’ve ever encountered. Developed in partnership with Terrapin and BMC Universal Technologies, the unattended cannabis retail solution provides unique benefits to consumers and dispensaries alike.

The Streamlined Shopping Experience

1. Enter store and show ID to receptionist.

2. Scan ID at ACE kiosk.

3. ACE confirms same ID used at check-in is used at kiosk.

4. Follow instructions on digital screen to conduct transaction.

5. Pay with cash.

6. ACE automatically dispenses cannabis products into a live-printed, compliant package.

ACE Benefits

⭐️ Faster checkouts for “regulars” ACE automates and simplifies the buying process for customers who don’t require an elevated level of engagement and expertise.

⭐️ Automated Ecomm order fulfillment ACE automates order fulfillment when customers shop online and is ready at the time of order completion.

⭐️ Expanded in-store diversity, equity, and inclusion ACE can be programmed in multiple languages, improving inclusion and serving customers in a diversity of markets.

⭐️ Improved sales approach ACE augments budtenders and frees them to take more time to support shoppers seeking deeper consultation.

⭐️ Total compliance ACE is the first fully automated cannabis vending kiosk to fully package, live label, and dispense cannabis products while meeting or exceeding compliance requirements. Products are placed in a compliant, sealed, and labeled exit bag before dispensing. 

⭐️ Integrated ACE is seamlessly integrated into your cannabis POS. In return, all state seed-to-sale tracking requirements are tracked and manifested. (Including Dutchie and others!)

⭐️ Enhanced age verification — with no human in the loop ACE leverages advanced ID-scanning and age verification technology to ensure that only those eligible to purchase cannabis are doing so.

⭐️ Secure ACE itself is completely secure, exceeding regulatory requirements for safe product storage both during and after business hours. 

*Marketed and distributed by Terrapin, ACE can contain Terrapin’s premium cannabis products or be branded with another dispensary.