How to know if a cannabis dispensing machine is compliant in your state

As the cannabis industry expands, more dispensaries seek ways to improve customer experience and streamline operations. One tool that has become increasingly popular is the dispensary order-taking kiosk & newly available is ACE, the compliant cannabis dispensing machine. Dispensary operators are searching for cannabis vending machines for sale.

Before investing in an ACE machine, it is essential to research and determines whether it is legal in your market. Remember that dispensaries are responsible for complying with local regulations to maintain licensure, so having a compliant automated cannabis kiosk & vending machine is a critical step in the selection process.

You could ask our team! We have done some due diligence to see which jurisdictions ACE is compliant in. Get in touch or ask in the chat!

We’ve scoured the regulations and have found that the following states explicitly disallow ACE’s functionality. Don’t operate there? Great! Lets chat.

Prohibited List:

  1. Illinois 💔
    • Per 410 ILCS 705/15-70, dispensing organizations are prohibited from dispensing cannabis or cannabis-infused products from vending machines.
  2. Maine 💔
    • Per section 504, A cannabis store may not sell adult-use cannabis, adult-use cannabis products, or cannabis plants using: (1) An automated dispensing or vending machine; (2) A drive-through sales window, except as provided by subsection 10; (3) An Internet-based sales platform.
  3. Montana 💔
    • HB 701, passed in 2021, expressly prohibits the sale of cannabis via vending machines. See here.
  4. Nevada 💔
    • Per NRS 678B.510, Operating documents; security measures; requirements for cultivation; allowing consumption of cannabis on premises of establishment other than cannabis consumption lounge prohibited; inspection; video monitoring system required; vending machines prohibited. A cannabis establishment shall not dispense or otherwise sell cannabis or cannabis products from a vending machine or allow such a vending machine to be installed at the interior or exterior of the premises of the cannabis establishment. As used in this subsection, “vending machine” has the meaning ascribed to it in NRS 209.229.
  5. New York 💔
    • Per section 123.10, a retail dispensary shall not: dispense or otherwise sell cannabis products for a vending machine or allow such a vending machine to be installed at the interior or exterior of the premises of the retail dispensary. Cannabis products shall only be sold by authorized employees of the retail dispensary who shall be 21 years of age or older if interacting with cannabis consumers.
  6. Washington State 💔
    1. Per Section 69.50.390, cannabis retailers are “prohibited from operating a vending machine, as defined in RCW 82.08.080(3) for the sale of cannabis products at retail or a drive-through purchase facility where cannabis products are sold at retail.”
  7. Arizona 💔
    • Per Section 36-2850, says a human employee must give you your cannabis. “Before a marijuana facility agent sells or otherwise transfers to the consumer” 36-2850. Definitions 22. “Marijuana facility agent” means a principal officer, board member, or employee of a marijuana establishment or marijuana testing facility who is at least twenty-one years of age and has not been convicted of an excluded felony offense.

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The first step to researching the legality of dispensary kiosks is to understand the regulations in your local market. Regulations around cannabis can vary widely by state and city, so it is essential to research the specific laws in your area. Look for information on state and local government websites, as well as on industry websites and forums.

Once you understand the regulations in your area, you can begin to research whether dispensary kiosks are legal. Look for information on licensing requirements, zoning laws, and other regulations that may impact using kiosks in dispensaries. Be sure to cross-check with state statutes and ordinances passed by a constitutional vote. Generally, it is permissible if a kiosk can accept and validate identification, place dispensed products in labeled exit bags, and connect to seed-to-sale tracking. Check regularly for compliance updates, as rules and regulations are constantly evolving. Markets where kiosks are prohibited or are likely to come online shortly.

In addition to researching the legal landscape, talking to other dispensaries in your area can be helpful. Dispensary owners and managers can provide valuable insights into their experiences with kiosks and how they have navigated local regulations. They may also be able to recommend resources and experts who can offer more information on the legal landscape. Case studies show kiosks that require human interaction do not perform well over long periods. Cannabis consumers who prefer to use a kiosk are looking for a contactless experience.

As a customer, you can also do your research to understand the laws around dispensary kiosks in your area. Look for information on dispensary websites and industry forums, and consider contacting dispensary owners or managers to ask questions. You can also check with local government agencies for applicable regulations or restrictions. If rules and regulations allow your local dispensary to operate a kiosk, let the store manager know you would prefer a contactless kiosk experience. Dispensaries respond to consumer feedback; your input might make the difference in allowing you a more convenient shopping experience.

By researching local regulations, talking to other dispensary owners, and seeking information from reliable sources, you can better understand the legal landscape and decide whether a kiosk suits your dispensary. As a customer, you can also educate yourself about the laws around dispensary kiosks and ensure that you provide your dispensary with the information and tools it needs to provide you with a convenient, contactless shopping experience.

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